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Kind discipline

How you should use discipline in parenting to get collaboration rather than resistance?

Yes, it can be a challenge to keep our children well behaved and get them to perform well at home and in school but the secret to easier parenting and controlling your children lies in the collaborative approach.

Once you agree about disciplines upfront, and you explain why this is important to you and your kid and you use positive encouragement it is easy to manage the day and their behaviour. Just be mindful how you react if things do not turn out in the way you expect.

Keep calm. 😌

Remember children absorb your attitude and the examples you show in front of them and so if you give out a kind and gentle approach to discipline, they will listen to you and your relationships stay stronger. If you express stress to your children, they will pick up your anger and will absorb your negative energy leading to behavioural problems and resistance as a result.

When children are in need of discipline, be compassionate, use the calmer parenting methodology.

Anyone finds discipline a challenge in their parenting?

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