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Back to school or home school

Back to school or home school

Either way, do not stress out. Wearing mask or not wearing mask. Home office or Office. Either way do not stress out. We live in unprecedented time which needs unprecedented approach.

So the question is how we manage unprecedented time.

Create time for stress release techniques and do it regularly. Sift our mind and perception. When the chaos is over there will be more stability again. Thinking of and find the way how we can rise above the problems to find the best solution. That is helping us during these times.

What are those skills which are more useful now? Just focus on those. Based on core values focus on the most important things and let go of the rest.

For children is the most important thing to feel safe, nurtured, loved. How we can do it if we are stressed and anxious?

Unprecedented time is teaching us to shift our approach and see the benefit in all things.

Recent study shows that depression increased in the current circumstances.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has alarming implications for individual and collective health and emotional and social functioning.”

Our daily life affected in many ways. Many parents are stressed out from education. May there is too much demand from school but worst case your child will catch up next year or will be catch up before the exam, when time are less stressful and situation is calmer. Focus on two or three core topic just before the exam and extensively study to pass through successfully is completely doable if kids are not under pressure and teachers using the study strategy and technology which fit to your kids learning style and when parents are positively encouraging their kids.

Do not stress out; be kind to yourself and others. Core values as compassion, caring loving kindness, nurturing kind disciplines are the most important, focus on these and focus on your vision. What would you like? How would you like to live your life, family life and business life and what kind of relationships would you like to be in with your loved ones?

Find time and ways of how to meditate. Our thoughts create our feelings ours feelings fuel our activity. Our perception is a matter of choice and decision.

Find special time dedicated just to your loved ones, implement rituals, morning rituals, or evening rituals when you are together and just give all the attention to your loved ones, no phone no, tablet. It all helps creating the conditions for the family to operate from a place of strength, calm, empathy and resilience.

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