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How do I get my child to succeed in Education?

How do I get my child to succeed in Education?

Based on Learning Plan and Personalized Study Strategy I can assist to improve the English language knowledge and prepare your child for the KS1/KS2/KS3 exams, as well as help to exceed on Mathematics exams, KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4 and GCSE.

I identify the learning style, the barriers of study, and the current knowledge level. My lesson plan is prepared based on these 3 steps, meanwhile, I am practical and use the combination of explaining the subject, and a facilitator, coaching approach, encouraging students to think, and finding answers and solutions. Lessons are tailor-made.

My goal is to help them to apply what was explained. I love it when the penny drops and the confidence level increases. “Evidence suggests that learning through play happens when the activity is experienced as joyful, helps children find meaning in what they are doing or learning, involves active, engaged, minds-on thinking, as well as iterative thinking (experimentation, hypothesis testing, etc.) and has opportunities for social interaction. “-John Goodwin Establishing the love of learning is an important life skill since we learn for life.

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Improved school grades over just a matter of weeks are guaranteed!

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