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Be the Best Version of Yourself

Today we are going to discuss how to be the best version of you self, with the help of Giella Poblocki well known and Award-Winning Business Innovator Featured on the NBC Today Show, NY1, and CBS, ABC, Launched GIELLA product line at Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus and Eva Sekeres a

mission driven entrepreneur, Advisor, Learning Mentor Educator former corporate finance person, busy working mother. Who is now empowering busy professionals who struggling with kid’s behavioural issues to solve it once and for all, so they achieve success in parenting and have thriving kids at school and beyond

Dealing with these stressful times is not easy. Managing our personal, family and work responsibilities all under one roof can be challenging.

How do we manage our time spent for each? How do we MANAGE WORK LIFE BALANCE in unprecedented time?

How do have time for self-care and why is this important?

Pleas listen the interview.

And if you have any questions about makeup and skincare, please reach out to Giella at She also offers complimentary zoom consultations! Take the opportunity!

If you have any questions about organizing your home and family life, and have thriving kids at school and beyond join or to Eva’s Facebook group for more hands on practical tips:

Pillars of Successful Parenting

Or just drop her a message to get the conversation started.

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