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Calmer Mind Calmer Parenting

In the Calmer Mind, Calmer Parenting series we have a discussion about how to have success in parenting and family life, besides having success in our professional life. Dealing with these stressful times is not easy. Managing our personal, family and work responsibilities all under one roof can be challenging.

Get some tips on how to switch off after a busy day to ensure a good night's sleep, how can you support your kids in the chaotic situation when education is challenging and kids are falling behind their studies? How do we manage work/life balance in unprecedented time?

Helen Pengelly is a Coach, Meditation Teacher and Stand-Up Comedian helping busy professionals to be happy whatever! Eva Tana Atara Sekeres is a mission driven entrepreneur, helping families to stand into integrity, honesty and loving kindness.

Eva and Helen have over 70 years of parenting experience between them having raised 5 kids as single mothers.

Please, listen the discussion.

If you have any questions about how to calm down your mind and find inner peace, please sing for Helen’s you tube channel. If you have any questions about how to reduce stress and anxiety about family life and kid’s education join to Eva’s Facebook group for more hands on practical tips: Pillars for Successful Parenting Or just drop her a message to get the conversation started.


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