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Calmer Mind Calmer Parenting

In the Calmer Mind Calmer Parenting session Jen and Eva discuss how to have success in parenting and family life, and merge your working relationship with parenting and personal life.

This last year was a shock and something beyond our expectation: at home, not seeing many people, our normal structures dismantled, our internal landscapes altered beyond recognition.

Many of us also found a new way of existing, dare I say living?

Jen is the founder of The Secret Core Club, home of The R.E.S.T Routine. Jen teaches a simple and effective way to feel fit, strong and on top of stress each day. A must have new life skill to switch from feeling frustrated, guilty and powerless mum to peaceful, happy and confident parent in your parent-child relationship, so you can have calmer mind and calmer parenting.

Listen the short interview and come and join us for the workshop:

When: Sunday, 16th May 2021 6:30-7:30 pm BST

Where: Online

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