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Embrace the change rather than rebel against it.

Lately I had an interview with Debbie Debonaire. She is guiding and empowering women to take back their control, to live life on their own terms and thrive.

As there are so much anxieties and lots of uncertainties I thought this interview might be at help to switch perception and give ourselves as parents and role model of our children a freedom to choose the life we want to live instead the one we are conditioned to.

Covid and the current era help us to do this shift. Be mindful and aware of this.

Reflect on your own core values what is really important to you and build the structure of routines and daily life around it.

If you are the parents who would like to benefit and grow through the current circumstances, please listen the podcast so you get more encouragements and tip to do that.

Love and Blessings.


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