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Heal the relationship

Heal your wounds from your childhood so you can heal your relationships with your children for a healthy happy family life.

Our wounds can be very painful. They are deep holes in our past we don't want to look back to though it may be not that hard to heal.

It is possible and is the best choice to heal them so as parent we not passing unconsciously our role model to our children. So you can bring them up as more happy adults with fewer wounds.

Giving your children a sense of love and belonging radiating positivity during their childhood helps nurture them and strengthen your special bond with them so they will be mentally, emotionally healthy adults.

Practicing forgiveness rituals as a first step on the healing journey is essential.

Than you work with emotions which help you gain a different perspective so you can work on your mental state and belief system on the next stage.

Remember you are the leader of your life, you are the role model and you lead by example.


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