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Home Schooling in Home Office

Schools are closed. Your children are at home. You are home but you have a business to run online. How are you going to manage? Do you feel extra stress and pressure to your work & family life?

Family is a training ground where you rise beyond likes and dislikes. When people stay together, either by bondage or choice, they mature because maturity happens when you rise above your likes and dislikes. And that is even truer now in the current lock down situation. Why managing family life is stressful? One reason is if Responsibilities of the household is not spread between family members. Also kids’ education could be frustrating, especially if they are resistant. There are various reasons resulting this and also various tools to use to solve resistance. But study problem always goes hands in hands with behavioural problem. By solving this 2 main frustration/managing and organize family life, and kids’ education, your family life will be more peaceful. So how u can turn around stress and anxiety and uncertainty, what are the key cornerstones? This is what I teach on the 40 days parenting challenge. Feel free to share your biggest challenge, comments if you had any aha moments. Follow my face book page change the way children grow for some more knowledge, or my post on twitter: Eva Tana’atara Be safe! Be blessed!

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