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How to help your child to learn how to read

Teaching your child can be hard work and even a struggle day in and day out. You tell him 20 times, asking, nagging and he is still playing, not paying attention. You get angry and frustrated as he does not listen. You want the very best for him, you want him to succeed, get a good grade and prosper in life. Why does he not understand this and respect you? You end up quarrelling, and there is disappointment.

Why is he resistant to study and to do his homework?

Because he does not like it, why he does not like it because he does not understand it, why he does not understand it, because he needs the tailor-made study strategy and the learning style which fit to him…

Or because in the classroom setting is not possible to give tailor made assistance…

Anyway if you get skilled you can help him…

Explore, discover is so much more interesting than memorizing, be his partner in doing this…

Learn more on my next workshop:

I explain more about the study strategy and learning style, why is it important and how to learn by understanding.

Each child is unique and has his own genius; they have their natural way to learn.


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