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How do I get my son to do his homework?

So, what is the answer, the best approach and technique to achieve your goal, and your son is doing his homework effortlessly and without resistance?

Teaching your child can be hard work and even a struggle day in and day out. You tell him 20 times, asking, nagging and he is still playing, not paying attention. You get angry and frustrated as he does not listen. You want the very best for him, you want him to succeed, get a good grade and prosper in life. Why does he not understand this and respect you? You end up quarrelling, and there is disappointment.

Why is he resistant to study and to do his homework?

Well, with a little planning and goal setting you can create a home learning environment for your child that will facilitate the reduction of resistance, and anxiety.

Children are at times resistant to study especially if they have some kind of barriers to learning. Observe your child behavior and symptoms and if your list will be about, headaches, confusion, being dizzy, eyes hurt or bored or daydreaming and lack of enthusiasm this shows that the study strategy and learning methodology needs to be changed.

For sure if he can overcome the barrier, he will thrive at school, and homework will always be done and grades improved.

If there is constant nagging, to do the homework, consider doing some physical activities especially outside, visit the park even for 20-30 minutes to refresh his mind after school and before homework. On a very rare occasion kids like to get the homework done and have free time after. Observe what is best for your child.

What makes a great home learning experience is all about setting boundaries, network with other parents who you can share and exchange ideas with, diversify your learning activities for your children and most of all have fun together! Experiment with real life demonstrations together. Many times, lecturers, teachers are too focused on mental activity, whereas children need to use other senses like pictures and touch and most importantly understand the meaning of the words. Oxford dictionary is a must to have in your home learning environment preferably the book version beside the on-line ones. Many times, if a child feels bored, dizzy or has headaches, real life experience and demonstration is a missing ingredient.

Also, there can be many distractions happening at home, and so why not try protecting some space in the house where your child can set themselves up for their lessons and work time. Keeping this as clear as possible and making sure everything they might need is in place e.g. devices, chargers, water, stationery, dictionary and workbooks – are all available and well presented.

Create shelves and storage spaces for your kids to place their work in.

Prioritise comfort for your children. Switch off TV. s, radios and set the room well, make it fun and inviting for your children to learn in with plenty of space and light.

The right environment feeds into your child's focus and motivation to learn! Try and experiment if listening to special music would increase his focus, as there is specially designed music for this purpose.

Praise every effort and success and let him know how proud you are of his achievements.

Also, I found it easy to motivate children by rewards. So, use the rewarding table, explain it to him, that if he does his homework, he will have the agreed reward at the end of the week.

Routines are also helpful to keep the motivation up. Stick to the time table and set up a daily, weekly routine and he will know it is homework time.

Ideally, he should do his homework on his own, but you can assist and observe if he is struggling with understanding, which many times is the case. If so, you may need to be skilled with learning methodology and study strategy and have lots of patience and prioritize your day differently.

Sometimes schools have such a demanding learning plan, teachers cannot focus on if everybody has an understanding or just pretend and look for solutions from the peers besides.

If you struggling creating that perfect schooling setting at home, or want to have personalized study strategy

sign up for my next complimentary workshop to know more

I explain more about the study strategy and learning style, why is it important and how to learn by understanding.

Each child is unique and has his own genius; they have their natural way to learn. Education system may not consider this, but at home you can assist in a way that you consider to their strengths and capabilities.

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