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Pave the way to a new role model in parenting

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Adopting a coaching approach when managing and building relationships at work is getting quite common.

How Millennials want to be managed at the workplace is different from previous generations.

A report published by the ILM ‘Workforce 2020 – Managing Millennials” revealed that graduates wanted “a boss to be more a coach and friend than a manager” in the traditional sense.

The research also revealed “a significant disconnect between graduates and managers over the type of relationship that exists”. Over half of the graduates’ said their ideal manager was a coach/mentor rather than someone who directs.

The report went on to say that 75% of managers believe they are fulfilling the role of coach/mentor, but only just over a quarter of graduates agreed.

Bringing up children should also be more respectful, especially taking care that the child’s self-determinism is taken into consideration.

Covid puts the light on a need for a different perspective and is not just about being positive and more aware but more about collaborative efforts and work with the child's willingness.

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