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Perfectly Imperfect Parents Collaboration Circle Networking for Busy Working Mums

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Perfectly Imperfect Parents Collaboration Circle Networking for Business & Professional Mothers.

Can you imagine your relationship with your kids where there is no struggle, no dispute, no stress?

Join us WEDNESDAY 26th August 8pm BST where we will reveal some top tips, ideas, techniques and tools you need to help you make your parenting stress-free, balanced and effortless during pandemic.

An unprecedented time needs an unprecedented approach.

Now more than ever is important to separate work life from family life, and change your perspective on parenting.

It is time to have a successful business, successful career, and successful family life you love so that you have thriving kids at school and beyond and have peaceful family life.

Please find the link to our meeting for WEDNESDAY 26th August at 8pm BST.

SAVE THE DATE. I look forward to having you!

Join Zoom Meeting, via eventbrite.

Save the date in your calendar! See you there!

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