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Pillars of Successful Parenting

Hello, good to see you again.

Hope you manage to get through and implement the previous tips,

So here is the next step.

We are going step by step to have a solid foundation.

In the previous videos we covered, calm down your mind, set your intention make a powerful decision, and trust.

So here comes step number 4, pillar for successful parenting.

Ask yourself powerful questions: these helps you to



Something like:

What is good for me and for my family in this situation?

What approach do I choose? What is absolutely great in my life?

What can I be grateful for?

What is the blessing in this situation?

How can I get the very best out of this situation?

How can I turn the situation to my advantage?

What is this allowing me to see?

How can I shift my mind, how can I perceive things differently?

And just listen! You can sit in a quiet place take a paper and pen and just journalize what comes.

Or go through the day with these in minds, and just reflect at the end of the day.

Be patient and do this for a couple days, we have enough time nowJ)

Keep asking these questions this is crucial for the next steps.

Keep in mind that we need to confront first so we can do it differently afterwards, we can choose to surrender our fear and we can show the world what it means to be thoughtful, to be generous, and to be proactive in helping ourselves our families, friends or strangers alike. Perhaps this is an initiation of sorts in which we are invited to step into a new experience of our interdependence and empathy.

Lead with your heart! Learn to see the word again from the eyes of a child so there is much joy and wonder, be the magus, be the thinking partner for your kids.

Take all the precautions that are recommended, and at the same time be bold in your love, and constant in your faith that together we will pass through this challenging time.

Feel free to share your biggest challenge, comments what would be really helpful for you and your family right now!

Be safe Be blessed….

Eva Tana’atara

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