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Pillars of Successful Parenting - Interview

I feel so blessed to got the chance for a podcast interview with Mei Wengel!

Her mission is to help and assist courageous multicultural women searching for purpose and meaning in their life.

We had an inspiring discussion about my journey from a Corporate Finance person to a Parenting Coach and of course discussed some corner stones of the Pillars of Successful Parenting.

We talked about:

-Why perception and attitude is matter in raising happy, confident children?

-Why stress should be eliminated from parenting?

-Why you need to be skilled to handle your child behavioural issues?

-What is the knowledge we need so we can have calmer, happier family life?

-Why communication matters?

-What is your leading principle as parent, and how that leads to more fulfilment and happiness?

We are in an era having unprecedented time and number of depression is gone up, both adult and children. It needs attention.

Studies from Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group shows, that when kids have a lack of emotional support, disruptive behaviour problems emphasised. They need more empathy and nurturing. I wish to know what I know now, when I was a parent but was able to do it differently working with families, and kids. I have hands on experiences wish to share with you!

Have fun listening to it.

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