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Reduce exam stress

Many kids facing problems with test stress. Some may be motivated but some feels anxious and frozen. Symptoms may vary although there are some common characteristic.

Please check these and find which one applies to your kids.

Start strengthen their mind set to increase confidence.

Positive affirmations and general steps to follow:

1. Rule number one: I do read and take time to understand the question/task properly.


2. Rule number two: Always figure out which maths rules to apply. ( knowing-applying)

3. Rule number three: I knew I can figure out the methodology in case forgot which rules to apply. ( most cases there are different ways to get to the same result)

4. Rule number four: Slowdown be careful. You have time.

5. Rule number five: I trust I can do it.

6. Rule number six: If one question is too hard, and none of the above working, Iskip it, and come back to it, when the rest is finished.

7. Rule number seven: Check my work after finished the test.

8. Rule number eight: Rule number six can be revised if the marc of the question is high, this case no skip but trial and error, figure out a methodology.

9. Rule number nine: If my mind is blocked I use the figure out methodology, trial and error, and see what happens. Usually solution is arriving after starting. I verify the result by doing the calculation in a different way.

10. I know I am clever.

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