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Schools are reopening; small people go back to school

Schools are reopening; small people go back to school.

May there be a mixture of feelings, you may worry, but happy to get less responsibility, as being a teacher was too much beside office hours, children and household.

Parents are facing extraordinary moments of choice about wellbeing every single time. The level of uncertainty is still high at the workplace, at home and at school.

May your child be happy to socialize but stressed out about whether he is falling behind by the academic standard.

By working with children my experience was that if they learn by understanding they do not forget what they learnt. Question is why they are not learning by understanding and whether the current situation will lead us to recognize it.

Most parents are stressed out about education, as they want the very best to their child. However at this time I would suggest to let go of worry from poor exam results, or if it could affect your child's future career potential. He will feel confident and prepared; he will catch up, while learning crucial life skills. Kids are adapting. They are learning new skills. They are overcoming. Kids are surviving a pandemic that has shaken their world before they fully understood it. May you acknowledge this as their body may give reaction such as their emotion? They need more nurturing.

Revision guides work well with one on one support. With the proper study strategy level up does not take much time. There are some great revision guides in the market, which follows a step by step approach, and is easy to catch up, re-establish understanding, in a practical joyful way, and linking theory to practice.

But also there is one skill, which is important: Learning how to learn, this is what will lead your child to success, while it is up to you how you measure success. Children can fulfil both academic success and also blossom their genius, when they get the support from parents.

Pause, take a break, and hold on a minute, everything is alright as it is, and you did great job as parent!

Hope I can empower you and your child in these extraordinary times and beyond.

Should you need help in learning how to overcome your learning obstacles and resistance to study I am just a click away! Book a complimentary call to find out the recipe!

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