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We learn for life

The degree to which we understand things is the degree to which we can use these things. 👍

Wait. What?

Basically, it means that you are more likely to be able to do things well if you understand what you’re doing and how to be successful at it.⭐️

My grandmother always used to say it’s been a good day if you’ve learned something new. She was right. 👏

Parents need to let go off stress about education and shift their perception. Yes we learn for life and we should love learning but just by memorizing what we learning we can not get there.

Even people that have their Master’s Degree in Engineering may not know how to drive a car as well as a chauffeur.

Okay, so it’s great to keep learning every day, but if we just go around learning about whatever crosses our path, we’ll never become masters of an art.

A good way to make sure that we excel is to focus our attention on the things we need to know in order to succeed.

Luckily you don’t necessarily need a degree in something to be good at it. If you’re willing to put in the effort and keep learning as you go, even the littlest bits of knowledge collected over time can be equivalent to, if not more useful than an actual degree.

This is very important today. You are being asked to take a look at which areas of your life that require more study. It could be anything, from getting an actual degree, to learning new hacks to declutter your cupboards.

The key is to make sure that you have the knowledge you need to make the best of your life.

Knowledge comes in many forms, and learning doesn’t need to be tied to formal education, or not just formal education. Any area of your life can be improved through the right type of learning and the right way of learnng.

Master the skill of learning and help your child learning.


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