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Wellbeing of our children

Providing a safe, warming and nurturing environment for your kids to grow, thrive and feel safe in is the real key to making them feel happy and when they are happy that is when they bring out feelings of comfort and happiness.

Also, another way to make them feel happy is to be a good LISTENER, really hear what they want and how they are feeling. When you do so, you will be able to meet their emotional needs and they will feel fulfilled.

It is extremely important to let them express their emotions, and acknowledge it. Accept how he/she feels. Otherwise, the terrifying reality that our social attitude can create a generation of males, and adults who have no idea how to address and deal with how they feel, potentially leading to depression, violence and mental health problems. Prevention is the best medicine.

Almost all lies in YOU as a parent! Succeed in calmer, collaborative parenting, be the one to provide the best and only the very best for your child, for their happiness and wellbeing!

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