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Work life balance

The pandemic has changed everything about the way we live and work. It is more important than ever to nurture our own well-being and mental resilience so we can operate from a place of calmness and strength. Inner strength as that is enabling us to handle uncertain time.

So we have the resilience to be there for our family and support our kids as they need our inner strength more than ever. Kids need more nurturing than ever in this unprecedented time.

It is almost imperative to find ways of stress release techniques and eliminate stress from our daily life, and family life. One way to do that is organization. Family is about organization and management. Why managing family life is stressful? One reason is if responsibilities of the household are not spread between family members.

If we recognize this is easy to solve it. Organize business life, organize family life, and organize our life, so we can nurture our own well-being and our kid’s well-being.

If we organize our life we can find special time dedicated just to our loved ones, implement rituals, morning rituals, or evening rituals when we are together and just give all the attention to our loved ones, no phone no, tablet, no TV. It all helps creating the conditions for the family to operate from a place of strength, calm, empathy and resilience.

What stopping you to implement special time with your loved ones?

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